Complete Guide on how to start a barbing salon business in Nigeria

Barbing Salon Business is a very lucrative business when properly managed. This business can generate lots of revenue if you put the right things in place and interestingly, it requires less capital to start.
Many people are not aware of the fact the barbing salon business can generate profits; they assume that you can’t get much profit because they see it as a dirty man’s job. Guess what? The barbers are happy because they wouldn’t want the unnecessary competition.
Let’s do a little calculation and you will understand why barbing salon business is highly lucrative. In a country like ours, most men visit a barbing salon at least once a week to either get their hair cut or just have a shave.
The minimum amount you can get your hair cut is 200 naira. Let’s say a barber gets a minimum of 20 customers a day, that will 20 multiplied by 200 naira which is 4000 naira daily and a minimum of 120,000 naira a month. Remember this is the minimum amount they get. Some get up to 50 customers a day and charge more 500 naira per cut. It all depends on how you package the business.
Let’s take a closer look at some necessary things you will need to do in other to make maximum profit from this very lucrative business.
  1. Get Trained
The first thing you will need to do to run a successful barbing salon business in Nigeria is to get the necessary training and skills.
You can get a reputable barber around you and learn from him or her. Be focus and humble. You might be required to pay a certain fee or bring some items like kolanut, beer or the likes. It is our culture in Nigeria to bring such items as an apprentice.
The training may last from 6 months to 1 year, you don’t need to rush but be focused because your success in the business is based on how good you are.
Remember you will also need to keep on sharpening your skills because there are new styles every day and you will need to meet up.
  1. Plan and Get your capital
A business becomes successful when you plan adequately for it. One important aspect of planning is to consider how much you have to stand up and maintain the business.
Barbing salon business is one of the few businesses that require less amount of capital to start. You can budget 50,000 to 100,000 naira depending on how you want it to be.
To get this capital is also easy. You can start by barbing people’s hair in a friend’s shop or get employed to barb. You can also offer home services which are usually more expensive.
Another way to get your capital is either to borrow from friends and family or by obtaining a loan. When the business is properly managed, you will be able to pay back in at least 3 to 6 months.
  1. Get a shop in a good location
The location of your shop matters a lot in a business like this. You will need a shop that can be accessed easily by your customers.
Get a job in a busy area or in a shopping mall. You can also get a shop in residential areas because people tend to visit a barbing salon after work or during weekends.
  1. Package the Shop
Packaging is one thing that cannot be overlooked in barbing salon business. Shops that are well-packaged charge more.
You can start by getting a good design for your shop. Let the design be attractive and nice. Also, get rotating chairs for your customers to make them comfortable and also making it easy for you to barb their hair.
You can get soft chairs for your waiting customers. Ensure that television and music stereo is not lacking in your shop because it keeps your customers entertained as they wait for their turn.
As you progress in the business, you can add an AC to the shop and light refreshments for your customers. With these things in place, even if you charge them a thousand naira, they will gladly pay.
  1. Get the necessary Equipment
The first equipment to get is an original clipper. You can buy two for a start but can buy more as you progress.
A standby generator is very important for the successful running of the business. This is because the power supply in Nigeria is not reliable.
You should also get a sterilizer. Many people may not want to cut their hair in your shop when you don’t have a sterilizer. It also helps to stop the spread of communicable diseases.
Other equipment you will need in your shop includes a table cabinet where you can put things like your clipper, scissors hairbrushes etc., cover clothes, wide and long mirrors, head washing basin, disinfectant and germicidal products, hair and cosmetic products like hair cream, shampoo, relaxers, dye, hairspray, conditioner, alcohol etc.
  1. Create awareness
When you start a new barbing salon business, there is a need for you to create awareness so that people will notice you.
You can start by cutting people’s hair for free so that you can get their recommendation. Remember, customers can only come back when you do good jobs.
You can also make use of social media to advertise your business. Use samples of styles you can barb as your Whatsapp DP or post them on Facebook and Instagram. Let people know what you do.
  1. Get more hands
The joy of every business owner is to see his/her business grow. Ensure to get capable and professional barbers to help you when you start having more customers you can handle alone.
When you want to employ workers, don’t go for amateurs because you want to save cost but get the best that will protect your brand. Also, make sure that your workers dress in a particular style and they have a good customer relationship
  1. Other services you can render
You can offer more than “just haircut” and earn more money from your shop. You can start by offering haircut training to those who wish to learn and join the business.
Other services you can offer your customers include selling of clippers, shaving stick and shaving powder, makeup & spa services, manicures & pedicures, etc.
Many barbing salons are now made for both male and female customers. These increase the chances of reaching out to a wider number of people and increase the chance of making more money.
In conclusion, remember that you don’t need to be a professional barber to run a successful barbing salon business. If you have the capital and you are interested in investing in the business, you can get the necessary equipment and then employ one or two trusted barbers. Negotiate with them and ensure you get to an agreeable conclusion.
You can start earning as soon as everything is set.


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