Top Five Best Players of Ideal Guest Street, Jattu

Street football is one of the most popular sports that youths engage it. Youth participate in street football as a form of recreation, way of catching fun and serves as a source being physically fit. Hardly will you go to any street and you wouldn’t see group of boys playing football in the evening.
Ideal Guest Street, Jattu is a local community in Eksako West LGA of Edo state. It is close to the popular Jattu market. Boys in the street make it a point of duty to assemble every evening to play the popular soccer game.
The boys of the street usually play five aside game that consists of four players and a goalkeeper for each team or another type of football game known as Monkey post which usually involves four or three players for each team.
Recently, youths of the street organize a five-aside football competition with involved teams from the neighboring streets. Ideal Guest Street Team emerged the first position with Afowa team and Auchi team coming second and third positions respectively.
In this post, we are bringing to you the top five best players of Ideal Guest Street, Jattu. This list is based on their performance during the five aside competition held recently by the Street and based on their performance during normal games and training.
The criteria for ranking the players are consistency, creativity, individual performance, teamwork, accuracy, and skills.


Adesoji Michael
Adesoji Michael
Adesoji Michael also known as SuperSport is unarguably the best player in the street. His creativity, consistency, and skills are next to none. He is often regarded as the Lionel Messi of the team because of his brilliance on the ball and his general contribution to the success of the team.
He was awarded the best player of the tournament during the five aside competition held in the street. He plays the midfield position for the team and his passes are always vital during the team’s matches. One distinctive feature of Michael is his assist. He is the king of assist in the street and even the community at large.
Apart from playing football, Adesoji Michael is into politics, he once contested for the director of sports position at the Student Union Government (SUG) level of Auchi Polytechnic but the election was canceled due to violence.


Another good player this street had produced is Oshomah Taofeek. His passes are deadly and he is also known for his pace. He is regarded as the fastest player in the street.
Taofeek plays the wing position for the team which gives him the opportunity to always feed the striker with the ball. His strength is another feature that gives him an edge over other players.
During most of their five aside games, many players want to play in his team because they believe that he can always make the difference for them. His composure on pitch gives him the ability to withstand pressure even when his team is losing.

     3. SOLOMON

On the third position of the top five best players of Ideal Guest Street is Solomon. The cool-headed Solomon popularly called Solo is the third on our list. He is gentle both on and off pitch and always does his things in the calmest way possible.
He plays in the midfield position. His passes are most times accurate. He doesn’t shoot the ball unless when necessary and when he is sure of a goal. He prefers to help the strikers score that him doing the scoring.
His calmness on the field of play has earned him the respect of his teammates. He is also a skillful player but he doesn’t dribble quite often.


The rugged and aggressive defender of the team Matthew Enakhe is the fourth on our list of the top five best players of Ideal Guest Street, Jattu.
Matthew’s strength, agility, and aggressiveness are next to none on the field of play. He is one defender that most strikers don’t want to play against during football matches except of course for the most skillful amongst them.
Matthew plays the central defense position in the team. With him at the defensive line, there are often lesser chances for their opponents’ strikers to make impact in the game because he always ensures that he is a good match for them and that is what earned him a spot in the top five best players of the street.


To round off the list of the top five best players of Ideal Guest Street is Omefe Collins. The sensational striker always makes impact when he is introduced in the field of play.
He has the ability to score, dribble and create chances, that’s why he is very instrumental to the team. However, one thing he is lacking is strength and durability as he cannot play the full 90 minutes.
He is not in the first eleven of the team during matches as he is always introduced as a substitute in any game they play. However, he is among the best five players in the street because whenever he is introduced to any game in the second half, there is always tremendous change in the gameplay.
His impact is always felt during their five aside matches because of his ability to score and create chances. Apart from his durability on the pitch, he is a good player.

Below is the full squad and formation of the team.